Aries: Mar 21 – Apr 19

Aries sign people will receive money from various sources. A new professional assignment may get finalized which will yield great results in future. You will work with a high level of enthusiasm and energy. There will be love and harmony at home.

Taurus:  Apr 20 – May 20

Taurus sign people will have to cope with strenuous and chaotic work in the first half of the day. You may become irritable on account of exhaustion and misbehave with some people.  Things will remain peaceful at home. Control your negative thoughts.

मिथुन राशि

Gemini:  May 21 – June 21

Gemini sign people will spend a peaceful and relaxed day at home. You will work hard to arrive at a common understanding with your professional co-workers. This will help you to function effectively. There will be an inflow of money and new business deals may get finalized.

Cancer:  Jun 22 – Jul 22

Cancer sign people will manage to complete all their professional tasks in an easy manner. There will not be any obstacle in your way. Your professional output will be great.  You may indulge in some kind of luxury such as a good head massage.

Leo:  Jul 23 – Aug 22

Leo sign people will complete a lot of their work and feel satisfied. You will prove fortunate in many contexts as even complex problems will get resolved easily. There will not be any hurdle in your way. Business people are likely to finalize a new profitable deal.

Virgo:  Aug 23 – Sep 22

Virgo sign people will remain optimistic despite encountering difficulties. There will be problems in the first half of the day. However, you will win over all the hurdles using your intelligence and by being patient. Take care of your health as body ache may hit you.

Libra:  Sep 23 – Oct 22

Libra sign people will enjoy the blessings of money god. They will receive several pending payments and achieve some financial stability.  You may also finalize new business deals today which will yield greater profit than expected.  There will be a pleasant and cheerful ethos at home.

Scorpio:  Oct 23 – Nov 21

Scorpio sign people will do very well on the professional front. Your friends will help you to make solid gains. You may not get sound sleep today. A health problem is indicated in the stars. You must think positive and continue to work without getting deterred by anything.

Sagittarius:  Nov 22 – Dec 21

Sagittarius sign people might feel unwell today. Your energy levels will be low. You might have to travel to a nearby place. It will be a productive day for professionals. You may have to deal with some chaos in the morning. However, things will improve in the afternoon.

Capricorn:  Dec 22 – Jan 19

Capricorn sign people will have to resolve one after another problem in the morning. You may remain tense and irritable because of those problems. However, you must keep calm as things will improve in the afternoon. Your health stars also indicate some problem

Aquarius:  Jan 20 – Feb 18

Aquarius sign people will complete all their work in an assertive and positive way. There will be a pleasant and cheerful ethos at home. You may purchase an item of luxury or enjoy some material pleasures. A piece of good news will cheer you up for the entire day.

Pisces:  Feb 19 – Mar 20

Pisces sign people will receive from an unexpected source. The writers and teachers will do exceptionally well today. Your younger sibling is likely to give a piece of good news. Do not say harsh words to anybody as a family member is likely to get emotionally hurt.

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