Friday, 6th August 2021

5 lost Lankan fishermen found with the boat in Myanmar seas

Colombo, Sep 28 (BAN/ AD): Myanmar Navy has found 5 lost Lankan fishermen since 1 month in Myanmar territorial waters. Five Sri Lankan fishermen had left on a multi-day fishing trawler from Kudawella Fishery Harbor.

On august 11 they had left on fishing vessel named ‘Nishadi-2’along crew of 5 members from the Kudawella fishery harbor. Couple of days later the vessel faced a mechanical problem in the engine which caused vessel to malfunction inactivating the communication system.

After the collapse of the communication system, all communications with the Surveillance and Operation unit of Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources had been lost. The unit has alerted all countries in the Indian Ocean Sea about the disappearance of the Sri Lankan fishing vessel. The vessel was found in the Myanmar waters on the 24th and is now under Myanmar’s naval custody.

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