Friday, 16th April 2021

7 new projects launched by EU on the occasion of Human Rights Day

Colombo, Dec 13 (BAN/ AD): The European Union Delegation on the occasion of Human Rights’ Day launched a number of important new projects to support human rights.

EU in an statement said rule of law and democracy are core values of the European Union and sustainable peace and stability, long-term development and prosperity cannot exist without respect for human rights and democratic institutions.

The EU will be funding nearly LKR 813.7 million (EUR 4 million) to the following civil society organizations: ACTED, SRI LANKA CENTRE FOR DEVELOPMENT FACILITATION, Search for Common Ground, Helvetas Intercooperation GGMBH, Chrysalis, Humanity & Inclusion and FAGLIGT FALLES FORBUND FORENING-3F, who will work jointly with their local partners to promote social rights, women’s empowerment, and freedom of expression in Sri Lanka.

EU has funded around 80 projects in last 10 years valued at EUR 25 million. With addition to this the EU-Sri Lanka bilateral cooperation approximately EUR 760 million – LKR 123 billion has been funded.

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