Saturday, 18th September 2021

7000 jobs granted before election, concessionary loan programs to be suspended

Colombo, Nov 25 (BAN/ AD): The concessionary loan programs launched by the United National Front (UNF) government, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects of state institutions are to be suspended. The new government is also planning to suspend 7,000 jobs provided shortly ahead of the presidential election as per sources.

This decision is announced by the new Secretary to the Treasury SR Attygalle through circulars to the banks, ministries, departments and public enterprises. Among them are the ‘Enterprise Sri Lanka’ program and at least 11 concessionary loan programs implemented through state banks.

Circulars have been sent to Secretaries of Ministries, Chief Secretaries of Provincial Councils, District Secretaries, Heads of Departments, Chairmen of the Corporations and the respective Legal, Powers and Authorities. They are also advised not to make new appointments until further notice.

The Department of Prisons has also suspended 1,300 new appointments to the posts of jailers, prison guards/ guards and others. Applications have been called for vacancies in those posts before the presidential election.

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