Wednesday, 22nd September 2021

75 percent of salary and pension to be paid to disabled war heroes

Colombo, Sep 20 (BAN/ AD): On Thursday Finance minister Mangala Samaraweera announced in Parliament measures have been taken to solve salary issues of the disabled war veterans. As per arrangement 75 percent of their salary in addition to their pension will be paid to all war heroes who have become totally and partially disabled during the war.

He said government is greatly concerned of grievances of the war heroes and had taken necessary steps to solve all pending issues.Minister Samaraweera said the government had acted on war heroes before the opposition thought of them and He took into account the grievances of disabled warriors about a month and a half ago.

Minister said “Before the opposition thinks of disabled warriors, we have thought about them. About a month and a half ago, they came and discussed it with me. We asked about their issue. And we listened. They have a just grievance. The government has so far only considered fully disabled war heroes. But the war heroes who are partially disabled are also in great distress. Some have bullet fragments inside. They don’t look disabled at first glance. But they cannot work. There are war veterans who have to take medicines for a lifetime. They cannot live alone without assistance.”

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