Friday, 24th September 2021

9.5% drop in tourist arrivals in November 2019

Colombo, Dec 05 (BAN/ AD): As Nation is gradually recovering from deadly Easter Sunday attacks tourism has taken hit badly. International tourist arrivals declined for the eighth straight month in November 2019 by 9.5 percent compared to November 2018.

Tourism Ministry has released data on total number of international tourist arrivals in November 2019 declined by 9.5% with the arrival of 176,984 in the country. In comparison, 195,582 arrivals were recorded in November 2018.

Year-on-Year tourist arrivals declined 22.5% in October, 27.7% in September, 28% in August, 46% in July, 57% in June and 70.8% in May this year. As at 30th November, 1,672,039 of tourists had visited Sri Lanka this year. It is a decline of 19.6% over last year when 1,885,045 of tourists has visited the country during the same period.



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