By Sushma Lobo

London, June 20 (BAN): Whilst recently at the House of Lord in April for dinner hosted by Lord Loomba I met a exquisite young boy, he was astute, smart and articulate. Infact his dad would start a conversation and I found the boy finishing the paragraph with a wealth of knowledge and exceptional level of understanding. It is a privilege for an adult to be invited to dinner hosted by a Lord at the House of Lords never mind a child. A exciting day to be at dinner amongst the high dignitaries at the House of Lords and yet Jaiveer was not phased but very confident, boasting a smile through out.

Jaiveer Shah, age 9 is the son of Bindal & Nilesh Shah, Managing Director/ Partner of Plurimi Wealth LLP. Jaiveer writes about this experience at the House of Lords. His articulate writing speaks for itself as he perceived his trip to the House of Lords.

On the 13th of April I and my family went to The House of Lords to commemorate the Jallianwalla Bagh massacre. I requested to my dad if I could attend this very commemorative event. He asked Lord Loomba and he said yes.

When we entered the House of Lords we had to go to the Cholmondeley room which was overlooking the River Thames. Whilst we were waiting for dinner we mingled with other guests over some refreshments. Whilst we were having our starters there was a line-up of 10 speakers including Her Excellency Ruchi Ghanashyam Indian High Commissioner.

They spoke about the tragic day of the Jallianwalla Bagh massacre which happened on the 13th of April 1919. I really enjoyed listening to all the speeches, but in particular I admired the Indian High Commissioner for her sober and articulated nature due to the current position she’s in.

I really wanted to come to this House of Lords event so I can meet lots of distinguished people and start networking.
It enabled me to learn the history of the Jallianwalla Bagh massacre and see what price India had to pay in its struggle for independence. I am proud to say that India is one of the fastest growing economies and the largest democracy in the world.

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