By Lilja Rehman

London May 23 (BAN/LR) The holy month during lockdown has brought its own special teachings and beautiful lessons with it and we are grateful for it.

Each Ramadan comes with its own challenges, be it very long hot days during which you fast at the same time work long hours or like in this case, moving house, fasting and in lockdown.

In its own way this one is very special and unique for a number of reasons.

The holy Quran’s own scriptures advise on how to behave in case of a pandemic and a Muslim must not enter a place where the pandemic is nor leave a place of pandemic which means you must stay at home and try everything possible to not spread the virus. It also says in the sacred Quran that if you do die from catching you die as a shahid, which means you go straight to heaven.

In terms of fasting and taking time out and really going within, pray and read the Quran, this quarantine has really facilitated all of this a lot more as we have all been forced to slow down, spend time with our immediate family. There is no more travelling to work or school so even our young children who usually have to sleep early to get up for school are this time able to join in with preparing for the meal, the breaking of the fast and can join us much more and really get a sense first hand of what Ramadan is all about.

One thing we are missing this month is having people over to open fasts in the evenings and share food.

But instead like all years and even more so now as people are financially struggling due to not having any earnings, Muslims have been giving charity, raising money for good causes and have prepared crates of food for people in need who have nothing to open their fasts with.

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