Friday, 6th August 2021

About Us


Greetings to all our readers from British Asia News Ltd. We launched our news portal in October 2018, to celebrate the feats and culture of the South Asian diasporas (people of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan and Nepali origin) living in the UK. Our ingenuities are aimed at promoting positive community activities, through our stories and reports, to begin with but move on to our community engagement activities in a few months. Through innovative stories, we will feature inspirational role models of Asian origin for the younger generations to follow. We welcome audience participation and engagement. Share your stories, videos and opinions on issues of burning interest to the community. We learn from our readers as we cautiously take our baby steps. We will thrive to provide news of interest and relevance with our small, but hard-working team. The good news is we are now one of the most-visited sites for Asian news in the UK. I want to thank you for the support and its our commitment to bring the best news, views and analysis in the coming months.

A brief manifesto of British Asia News Network

We are a bunch of social entrepreneurs whose vision is to work towards the betterment and unity of the South Asians living in the UK. It is our aim to engage with people of all walks of life. Most know about the fiery South Asian politicians. But few think of the aging elderly population that lead an isolated and lonely life. While we celebrate our entrepreneurial, political and academic strengths, many ignore the gnawing weaknesses within the community. Sports is one such example. Asians seldom take the participation in sports seriously. And it is this lack of interest that we see no Asian sportsmen at the National level engaged in the country’s Premier Leagues in football, athletics, tennis, rugby and other sports. To support this, our aim is to build an Asian Sports Club in London to encourage Asian sportsmen.We will promote major Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Sri Lankan festivities in the UK. In the coming months, we plan to promote cross-cultural settings by engaging with artists from South Asian countries to perform in the UK. Through our ‘Help in Need’ project, we will support the elderly British Asians to live comfortably by engaging sensitive young British Asian volunteers. Shaping our young leaders well will be our constant venture. Through granting educational scholarships, we intend to support Asians with merit to pursue their higher studies in Doctoral and Post-Doctoral research. We will be in the constant look-out for extraordinary stories from ordinary people. There will be reports/ articles and events on South Asian art, culture and shared history. We will reach out to the younger generation to understand their roots through secularism, tolerance and brotherhood within the greater British Asian populace in the UK. Our aim is to unite different nationalities to live in peace, love and harmony in the UK, dissolve differences and work together to create a home away from one. We urge the younger generation to engage with us. Write, opine and share videos. After all we are different, but the same. God bless us all. Jai Ho. Long live our Queen.

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