Friday, 16th April 2021

Allow children to learn from nature, music and art without burdening them with exams, says Anusha

British Asia News Network

Sri Lanka: Anusha Gokula, the Director General of Cultural Affairs, Sri Lanka, stated that the world’s best education systems were in Vietnam and in Finland, where children are not made to go to preschool at the age of four.

In conversation about a programme based on the theme “The Art of Living”, the secretary of Polonnaruwa District’s Cultural Unit said that children turned bookish due to their formative years, and often distanced themselves from their social obligations.

According to her,  the human brain has two faculties. “One in the left builds logical thinking and intelligence while the other in the right builds aesthetic feelings and sensitivity to beauty. Parents compel their children from four years of age to activate the former.

Ultimately the child who obtains an ‘A*’ passes for all subject fails to fulfil his social obligations.” She also claimed that “scientific research” has found that kids “burdened with book learning” from the age of four would suffer from nervous disorders and would result in “antipathy to human activities appealing to their imagination”.

Gokul added that “ in Sri Lanka [we have] several preschools run by teachers with proper professional qualifications who would not burden the kids with book learning.” She said, “it is the duty of the parents to allow children to learn from nature and to enjoy music and art without burdening them with private tuition targeting the year five scholarship examination.”


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