Mumbai, Dec 1 (IANS) Arjun Rampal and Manav Kaul are gearing up for their upcoming mystery flick, Nail Polish. The new posters of their characters are out and the actors have shared a few details.

“I just love how the poster manages to build the curiosity from the first time you see it. Especially, when the mask and my real face are like on two different ends of the spectrum. It is intriguing and will have you asking for more. That’s the brilliance of the story,” Manav said.

The posters have both the actors with masks of their own faces in their hands. The masks have a distraught expression while their real faces smile. The sense of illusion about the images seem to imply the film’s theme — everything is an illusion of the human mind.

“What you see isn’t what you get!!!! That’s Nail Polish in a nutshell for me. I think the posters do justice to that,” said Arjun.

The film also stars Rajit Kapur and Anand Tiwari in pivotal roles and is directed by Bugs Bhargava Krishna.



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