Friday, 24th September 2021

Assault on two child monks at a temple condemned by Unicef

Colombo, Sep 20 (BAN/ AD): In a statement issued by UNICEF it has condemned the recent assault on two child monks at a temple in Sri Lanka. The statement mentions that it is deeply shocked and saddened by the recent media reports of two child monks, living away from home and family, being brutally assaulted for an alleged wrongdoing.

A Study on Child Disciplinary Methods Practiced in Schools in Sri Lanka conducted by the National Child Protection Authority in 2016 shows that over 80% of students complain of minimum 1 corporal punishment in the past month. UNICEF has urged the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Women and Child Affairs and the Ministry of Education to address the issue immediately.

Unicef has stressed that these incidents should be avoided in future and no child should go through such events. Law should be enacted to prevent and punish such from corporal punishment and harsh treatment.

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