Thursday, 16th September 2021

Auction prices of coconut up 40-pct amid higher harvests

Colombo, Dec 23 (BAN/ AD): As per official data raw coconut prices grew 3 percent to 41,167 rupees for 1000 nuts at a weekly auction of December 19, up from 39,823. As compared to October average of 29,475 rupees the price has increased by 40%. up to October coconut production was 21 percent to 2.6 million nuts.

Desiccated coconut exports have also picked up to 42,000 metric tonnes up to October. Global palm oil prices have also gone up.

At the December 21 auction the top price eased to 45,100 rupees for 1,000 nuts from 45,400 rupees a week earlier. The lowest price was 36,500 rupees, up from 35,000 rupees a week earlier.

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