Tuesday, 21st September 2021

Authorities instructed to enroll children at orphanages to nearest national schools

Colombo, Aug 27 (BAN/ AD): Authorities have been given instruction by Minister of Education Akila Viraj Kariyawasam to enrol children at orphanages to nearest national school immediately. He wants to make sure they get equal access to education to all children.

The Minister also stressed that all children in orphanages must be enrolled at national schools to receive the same treatment as the other children.

The circular No. 38/2019 dated 31-07-2017 by ministry has been sent to all school principals to give the opportunity for the parentless children at government-registered children’s homes to enroll in the national school nearest to the orphanage.

Further, as defined in sub-section 4.5 of the circular 29/2019, relating to admission of children to grade one in schools, the custodian of the children’s home is considered to be the legal guardian of every child in a children’s home. The Ministry of Education also requests the caretakers of the registered orphanages to take advantage of this opportunity provided for the future educational advancement of the children in their facilities.

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