Mumbai, Nov 20 (IANS) Actor Dev Joshi says his protagonist Baalveer will have a close brush with death during an intense fight sequence in upcoming episodes of Baalveer Returns.

In the show, after dreaming about the ultimate destruction of his home, Veerlok, Baalveer gets anxious as he considers it a sign of greater havoc. On the other hand, Baambal (Vimarsh Roshan), who is now a prisoner at Veerlok, has learnt the truth behind Baalveer and Ray’s (Shoaib Ali) connection, and how their father was killed by Shaurya.

On Earth, Ray is plotting his scheme to rescue Baambal from Veerlok prison. Ray reaches Veerlok and, as he tries to rescue Baambal, Baalveer and the fairies reach there as the ultimate fight commences.

“The upcoming episodes promise to put all the fans and viewers of ‘Baalveer Returns’ on the edge of their seats. Yes, Baalveer comes close to his death during an intense fight sequence,” said Dev.

“To be honest, it has been an overwhelming feeling, when I heard the upcoming storyline of the show. It was a little shocking but Baalveer will always remain in everyone’s hearts and will keep receiving the support. The adventures of Baalveer and Vivaan continues and some exciting twists await for our viewers,” he added.

The actor thanked viewers for “immense love and support throughout the years”, adding: “It is because of them we have continue this adventure of ‘Baalveer Returns’ and I promise them that there are a lot of surprises in store for them”.



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