Sunday, 19th September 2021

Bangladesh Army ranked as 3rd most powerful in South Asia

Dhaka, Oct 01 (BAN/ AD): Bangladesh army has been ranked 3rd most powerful in south east asia after India, and Pakistan. Globally its ranked 45th out of 137 countries. It was ranked 56th in the previous index. The Global Firepower’s 2019 Military Strength has compiled the information.

Indian army is ranked strongest and while Pakistan has been ranked second most powerful military in South East Asia.

On global ranking India stands 4th Pakistan at 15th, Afghanistan at 74th, Sri Lanka at 90th, Nepal at 120th, and Bhutan has been ranked at 137th. Maldives was not included in the index.

Bangladesh military has a total of 160,000 military personnel. It has 340 combat tanks, 521 armored fighting vehicles, 18 self propelled artillery, 340 towed artillery, and 36 rocket projectors.

In Naval strength it has 89 naval assets including six frigates and corvettes each, two submarines, 26 patrol vessels, and four mine warfare.

The most powerful army in world is US army followed by Russia, and China.

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