Tuesday, 11th May 2021

Bangladesh state carrier Biman comes under criticism over poor service

Dhaka, Jul 5(BAN/CD): Unannounced delay of the Biman flight in Dhaka that was bound towards London on June 28 has left its passengers disgruntled and frustrated at the carrier’s ‘substandard’ service.

The passengers claimed that biman neither informed them of the flight nor did they attend to them during the delay.

Biman admitted that the flight was indeed delayed due to bad weather but refuted the other complaints aired by the fliers.

Due to the large amount of Bangladeshis living in the United Kingdom, the numbers of passengers on Biman’s flights to London are higher compared with other destinations.

The flight to London on Jun 28 was scheduled to depart from Dhaka’s Shahjalal International Airport at 9am but ended up leaving six hours later. As a result, it led to a six-hour delay in the flight out of London, leaving the passengers in the lurch.

Several passengers of the flight have shared their ordeals with bdnews24.com.

In a Facebook post, Shahadat Hossain, one of the passengers, detailed his ordeal at Heathrow Airport due to the delay by Biman and poor inflight service.

The post reads, “6 hours delay in London but check in had to be on time. Result: 8 hours sitting in the airport. Dirty toilets. Limited meals. Limited choice for entertainment.”

The passenger on the London-Dhaka flight on Jun 28 lamented that the airline ‘wasted’ two days of his life and vowed never to fly Biman again. He claimed to have been travelling on Biman for the last ‘couple of years’.

Syed Ferdous Ali, who flew to Dhaka from Sylhet to catch the Biman flight, said his wheelchair-bound elderly parents were kept waiting at the boarding gate for six hours at the Dhaka airport.

“They were not even offered a glass of water,” he said. “Nor were we allowed to go out for security reasons.”

All UK-bound flights require passengers to go through a special security procedure just before moving on to the boarding gate.

“It was unbelievably insensitive and inhuman handling by Biman authorities. I am not sure whether my family will ever fly Biman again.”

Another passenger, who regularly flies Biman to make Dhaka-London-Dhaka trips, said: “The worst thing is, Biman never lets its passengers know if the flight is delayed or updates them on any changes or developments.”

Biman’s Deputy General Manager Tahera Khandker said due to inclement weather on Jun 28, the authorities could not bring in the passengers from Sylhet on time, leading to the delay.

Tahera said, “The delay was solely the result of bad weather in Sylhet. Under the circumstance, Biman authorities did what was necessary for the passengers. There was no neglect on anyone’s part in this regard.”

Highlighting the measures taken by the government to redress the mismanagement of Biman, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had said, “On the one hand, tickets are hard to come by but on the other, there are always empty seats. The seats aren’t empty any longer.”

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