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London: The Wembley Lions Club organised their annual ‘Bhojan & Bhajan’ night on Saturday April 27, 2019 at the Hari Krishna Hall in Swaminarayan Temple Stanmore. With a turnout of almost 375 people, President Mr.Rohit Patel, along with many important members of the organisation brought together a very punctual and beautiful Bhajan event. ‘Bhajan’, which usually means ritual prayers and ‘Bhojan’ which means food, seems to be an excellent combination in a gathering like this. 

The programme also included a fund raising at the end supporting ‘Children with Cancer UK’, a charity that works towards specialist research to help save the lives of every child with Cancer and keep the families together. On asking Mr.Laxmichand Shah, Charter Chairman of the Club he said, “I lost my own daughter to cancer. Cancer is prevalent to every family and 1 out of 3 children succumb to it. We need every help possible to support this cause so we can find the ultimate solution to help children who suffer from this deadly disease.”

There are about 1.4 million people involved with Lions Club throughout the world today. United Kingdom alone has over 1000 clubs under it. Another branch of this Club is the Lions Club International Foundation that helps in making a contribution towards any current tragic events that may unfold in any part of the world. The nearest branch will take necessary action to provide food, water, shelter, medication, set up camps, if need be and help in any way they can.

In a lengthy conversation with the President of the Club, Mr.Rohit told us how this charity is different from so many others running in the country. He said, “Our club has two divisions- one which raises money for our admin through ticket sales and memberships and the other is the charity division which gets money through all the fundraising we do at different events. Not a single penny from the charity is used for any other activity and goes directly towards helping people who are less fortunate.” He also enlightened us about various eye camps that the Club has helped in organising in India and you can watch his interview in the video below.

Many people turned up in support. Reshma Patel drove down all the way from Swindon with her friend to attend Bhajan evening. She said, “It’s a great way of meeting so many people from the community and also indulge in religious activities which we seem to have lost time for in this busy world.” The Bhajin family turned up with their daughter, which was a delight to see as Mrs Bhajin said, “It is essential that the next generation gets involved to carry the baton and understand the importance of these events and help the cause.”

Mr. Dinesh Dave, the secretary of the club opened his arms and welcomed each and every person who wants to join the Club and make a difference. It is an old organisation and he sees himself still working for the cause in the next 5 years. With dinner, followed by tea the guests enjoyed the songs that carried onto 10 pm, which was a wonderful way to spend a Saturday evening, not to forget the fundraising that raised money for an exceptional charity.


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