Friday, 18th June 2021

Bone fragments from mass grave in Mannar sent to US for analysis

British Asia News Network- AD

Colombo: A mass grave which was discovered in Mannar where bone fragments were collected are now sent to US for analysis. This is one of the biggest mass graves found in Sri Lanka.

The civil war which ended a decade ago saw huge scale bloodshed in fighting between Govt troops and LTTE.

The remains of dozens of men, women and children were found at the site in the northern Mannar district where Tamil guerrillas fought security forces during the conflict.

The fragments were sent with a forensic expert to a Miami-based laboratory this week to determine when those buried had died, a senior official from the Office on Missing Persons (OMP) said.

Initially Indian troops were deployed here as peacekeepers but unfortunately ended fighting LTTE and were ultimately withdrawn.

The US lab is expected to send report by end of next month.

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