LONDON Nov 23 (BAN/SL) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been accused of double standards aftre he write his internal email to ministers and staff. Especially since he stood by his team agaisnt the bad behavious charges and stated on Monday there was “no place for bullying” in his government internal email trying to ease concerns.

On Friday, Johnson broke with precedent and refused to sack Priti Patel after an inquiry concluded she had broken the ministerial code following bullying allegations across three government departments.

Sir Alex Allan, the prime minister’s adviser on ministerial standards, quit his post after Johnson contradicted his report by strongly defending the home secretary and keeping her in her role.

Since he backed interior minister Priti Patel over charges of bullying he wrote in his letter;

“Given the unprecedented challenges we currently face as a nation, relationships of mutual trust and respect between politicians and their officials are paramount. This includes keeping internal conversations private”.

“There is a particular duty on ministers and permanent secretaries to create jointly across government a culture which is professional, respectful, focused and ambitious for change in which there is no place for bullying.”

Johnson added that he had “full confidence” in Patel and that he considered “this matter now closed”.

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