London June 4 (SL/BAN) The worst hit borough in London by the coronavirus crisis is North West London’s Brent, to be more specific, Church End. A deprived estate where 36 people have died within a half-mile radius. On this small estate with a large British-Somali population coronavirus has robbed many lives, making it one of the UK’s worst-hit communities.

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Brent has recorded the worst overall age-standardised rate in the UK.
Many of the workers in Church End are front line heroes, #communityheroes ranging from cleaners, taxi drivers, shopkeepers and bus drivers.

Many believed to have caught the virus at work and brought it back to their homes, where they have no space for shielding. Some reside in multi-occupancy homes where families share toilets or kitchen facilities with others. Many of those who died were men aged in their late 40’s to early 60’s.

Victoria Ling, who was born and raised in the borough and works there as a nurse in a GP practice, told the Guardian: “We’ve had households where whole families have been wiped out.”I was talking to patients who would say my aunt has died, my uncle has died, my dad has died. It was literally every day.”

Brent also has the highest number of workers on furlough and has seen a huge jump in people claiming universal credit. The UK’s overall coronavirus death toll is 44,131 the worst in Europe.

United We Stand

In the mist of the unprecedented pandemic although Brent may be the highest hit borough in London it has untied and started to bring the communities together as a direct result of what is happening.

Councillor Muhammed Butt, told British Asia News “It’s bought people and the communities together – people understand who their neighbours are and the grief and pain they are going through”.

Faith organisations called for joint prayer and reflection in Brent. Faith leaders from Brent’s Multi-Faith Forum came together to produce a short video showing solidarity in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, and to bring all people together in one of the most diverse boroughs in London.

Councilor Butt continued to to say “This pandemic has given us a opportunity get together and stand together and have a United way forward in supporting each other. Churches, mosques, temples, Brahma Kumaris all faiths came together on Thursday 11th June and instead of doing a clap on Thursday they held a collective prayer which bought everyone together, send the message out to look after each other, we are all one regardless of what we believe and all come under humanity”.

A message from Councillor Muhammed Butt for the community

“Coronavirus hasn’t gone away and it’s imperative that we look after ourselves and families and if we have any symptoms get tested. There is dedicated test centre in Harlesden, book a test if needed on 02089374440.
Encourage the community and people around you and keep yourself safe.

Brent’s Multi-Faith Forum

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