Saturday, 18th September 2021

CBEU seminar to educate the public, professionals and working masses

Sri Lanka: The Ceylon Bank Employees’ Union (CBEU) will organise a seminar to educate the public, professionals and working masses oppressed by the government’s unfair and unsuccessful economic practices, in Kurunegala on October 14.

Ceylon Bank Employees’ Union Senior Vice Secretary Keshara Kottegoda said yesterday that the main aim of the seminar is to save the working masses, professionals and the common man from the unfair economic programmes launched by the government.

He said that five economic traps laid by the government are selling state resources, tax burden and depreciation of rupee, escalating cost of living, curtailing of pensions and White Paper to allow EPF investment in the share market and Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP). These are not our requests, but the actual conditions imposed by the IMF for granting loans,” he said.

Taxes on essential commodities have increased, placing heavy burdens on the people. When fuel prices go up, the cost of livings also goes up. Continued depreciation of the rupee has also resulted in increasing prices of essential items.

Therefore, the government should immediately remove the tax burdens of the people and impose taxes on the people who defaulted on tax payments.

CBEU General Secretary Ranjan Senanayake said the country’s economy suffered lot as a result of different FTAs signed with various countries. The government has already lost US$ 10 billion of tax revenue due to the FTA signed with Singapore. The FTA was signed in an illegal manner and would adversely affect Sri Lankan professionals.

The Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP) launched recently has actually created an unfavorable environment for the working class. Both the government and employers are engaged in oppressing the working class through this programme,” he said.

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