Tuesday, 20th April 2021

Census continues to ignore Jains in the UK

Census continues to ignore Jains in the UK

London 04 Feb (BAN/PR) Labour’s London Assembly candidate for Brent and Harrow Krupesh Hirani has criticised the Census form for continuing to ignore the Jain community.

Despite a hard-fought campaign with the support of Gareth Thomas MP and current Brent and Harrow London Assembly Member Navin Shah, the census form will not include an option for Jains to accurately select their religion.

The UK census takes place every 10 years and is due on Sunday 21st March 2021. The results have a fundamental impact on the way services are funded so the importance of an accurate return cannot be underestimated.

Jains believe that their population is massively under represented as followers of the religion have no choice but to tick the other box and manually write Jain when filling out the form.

Gareth Thomas MP (Labour and Co-operative Party MP for Harrow West) said,

“It’s really disappointing to see a community which makes such a brilliant contribution to the UK let down again. This is a missed opportunity to make sure Jains are accurately recognised in the UK and it will take another ten years to rectify this error of judgement.”

Cllr Krupesh Hirani said,

“We still need to make sure that the community is accurately represented so we will be reaching out to community leaders to make sure that as many people as possible accurately record their religion and working to produce guides and videos so people can be supported to be properly recognised.”

Krupesh Hirani

By Krupesh Hirani, edited by Sushma Lobo

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