Friday, 6th August 2021

Children walking half a marathon to raise money for youth zone

Children walking half a marathon to raise money for youth zone

London 13 April (BAN/SL) Khush, Yash, Zara and Zienna Sojitra embark on their first charitable walk to fundraise for a Youth charity. The four children will be walking half a marathon on 15th April 2021 to raise money for Unitas Youth Zone. They will be walking to Hampstead starting on Station Road in Finchley and then around the Heath. This is their first biggest challenge and what a inspiring one and to raise money to support children in the community.

Khush, Yash, Zara and Zienna Sojitra

The money raised will be used to transform the outdoor space at Unitas Youth Zone in Barnet, London that will create an inspiring safe hub for young people.

Unitas Youth Zone is built upon a model which has proven to change the lives of young people across the country for the last decade. The aim is a simple one; to build a network of 21st Century Youth Clubs which give young people, safe and inspiring places to go in their leisure time. They will give them somewhere to go, something to do and someone to talk to.

Barnet has a real need for safe and inclusive outdoor spaces where young people can play, learn and grow. One in three local young people live in poverty – well above the national average – and experience correspondingly higher levels of poor mental and physical health, lower self-esteem and more obstacles to accessing support and opportunities.

British Asia News speak to these four young kids Khush, Yash, Zara and Zienna who will brave it out to walking half a marathon to raise money to help the Unitas Youth Zone.

Zienna who is 13 years old said “This marathon is more than just a walk, this marathon will help the less fortunate children. These children don’t have much equipment to play with, and with Unitas it changes everything. The children will have so many opportunities, like being able to use the recording studios, use the gym and so much MORE. I spent some time there when it first opened, and I had so much fun. I believe raising funds will make a difference to all those children. I am so lucky to have everything in life and I want to give them the opportunities they deserve”.

Zara who is age 14 said “I am excited to take part and help this charity Unitas to raise money. I am walking half a marathon to help Unitas build an exterior space for children to spend their time in a safe and educational environment. I spent half a day at Unitas when they first opened, it’s a great place to have fun, learn different skills and make friends and build a happy and secure community. I am very fortunate that I have all this, that I want to give something back to the community to help the less fortunate by raising as much funds as I can”

Lets encourage these inspirational kids and motivate them to complete their walk and lets help them raise money by donating to the cause so they can help more unfortunate kids in the community. Click on the link below to sponsor them. Remember the more they raise not only will it help them rebuild Unitas Youth Zone but it will encourage these children and others to do more for humanity.

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