Friday, 16th April 2021

China buying MPs for Rajapaksa, alleges deputy minister

British Asia News Network

Sri Lanka: China supposedly has been encouraging horse trading to support Mahinda Rajapaksa as Sri Lanka’s rival prime ministers fight it out to seek majority to swing any parliamentary vote of confidence coming up which will end the island nations constitutional crisis. 

President has suspended Parliament and sacked Ranil Wickremesinghe as head of government on Oct 26 and appointed former President Mahinda Rajapaksa to the post of PM.

While Wickremesinghe has called for the suspension to be lifted, both sides have been garnering their support for a vote.

Rajapaksa, 72, extended four MPs from Wickremesinghe’s party ministerial portfolios after persuading them to defect.

Wickremesinghe, not willing to leave the prime minister’s residence since he was fired, has in turn persuaded two lawmakers from Sirisena’s party to join his United National Party.

A deputy minister in Wickremesinghe’s government, Ranjan Ramanayake, accused China of buying ministers for Rajapaksa.


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