Thursday, 16th September 2021

Chinese did not get Sri Lanka into a debt trap : Kodituwakku –

British Asia News Network

Oct 6, China did not get Sri Lanka into a debt trap by lending money to it,” Sri Lankan Ambassador to China
Karunasena Kodituwakku has said.“If anybody is saying that the Chinese government lent money to us to put
Sri Lanka into a debt trap, I don’t agree with that statement.

It’s an absolutely wrong conclusion,” Kodituwakku said. He said the Chinese government helped Sri Lanka to build the Hambantota project and that it was up to the Government of Sri Lanka to decide whether to build on the basis of feasibility studies, then to make business decisions.

“Of course, we have difficulties in paying back the loan, however the Chinese government never asked us to hand the Port over to them or to the Chinese venture in question. It was a proposal that came from Sri Lanka, asking to enter into a partnership with China,” he added.

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