Thursday, 23rd September 2021

Colombo: ‘Construction field booms despite material shortages’

Sri Lanka, Sept. 22 (HT) :┬áThe construction field has developed immensely even though its stakeholders lack raw materials and bear prices increases in the field, Geological Survey & Mines Bureau (GSMB) Technological Services Institute Chief Executive Officer S.T. Kalubandara said. “The demand for river sand is increasing.

When supply is inadequate to address the demand, illegal suppliers come to fore to meet their targets. They cause irreparable damage to environment and water sources by excavating sands and felling trees. We have a pilot project that introduces, “Manampitiya sand” packed in 10,25 and 50 kilogram bags at a reasonable price. A number of selected hardware dealers in the Western Province sell them. Now we transport the Manampitiya sand to Colombo in bulk and in cubes.

We are now looking for suitable land to start the business properly,Kalubandara said. Kalubandara said the country has sufficient sand deposits and around 28-30 million cubic meters of sand the field needs annually. He said Trincomalee has a number of large sand deposits along the Mahaweli River at the Sittharu bridge area, and Uppathu River mouth area.

“We have got another project to process sea sand for construction. Our geologists. and excavating engineers expect to get technical and technological assistance from Japan, China, the Netherlands, South Korea, and Singapore among others to process sea sand. Once we succeed in this venture, it will be a turning point in the construction field and a boon to the economy,” Kalubandara said. GSMB geologist A.S. Jayakody said the public believe that no construction is possible without sand and metal. He said that in developed countries highways are constructed on concrete beams.

“This system is more expensive but it saves building materials and carry long term benefits including easy maintenance,” he said. Some countries use timber for partition. They plant trees unabated to obtain timber. They use less building materials such as cement and sand, he said. Published by HT Digital Content Services with permission from Daily News Sri Lanka.

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