British Asia News By Sushma Lobo & Hinx Halai


London March 27 (SL/BAN) British Asia News want to highlight all the #communityheroes helping during this difficult coronavirus pandemic. Britain had called for 250,000 volunteers to help the National Health service and vulnerable people hit by the coronavirus crisis.

Hinx Halai meets with Chintan and Daksha Varsani who are heroes within our communities. Watch the Exclusive video interview on how they have been using their restaurant facilities and so far have served out 3500 meals. Feeding crucial NHS staff, residential and sheltered homes with vulnerable people.

Not only are they preparing hot meals such as rice and a curry but also preparing sandwiches and delivering basics to vulnerable people such as milk and bread.

Why are they doing this: There is a need and they are filling that need, they are making sure they meet all the standards and they can support their community and have become a COVID-19 Response kitchen, delivering hot meals for London NHS. This is our proud Britain #communityheroes

If you know any #communityheroes lets us know at or whatsapp/call us on +44 (0) 754 537 1919

We want to highlight all the hero around the UK

Watch Exclusive interview with Covid-19 Responsive kitchen Desi Dhaba

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