Friday, 23rd July 2021

#Communityheroes : Local musicians Kaykay & Anj Chauhan live stream from their homes on FB

British Asia News By Sushma Lobo

London April 07 (SL/BAN) As the nation is under lock down and stay at home has become a very important part of global survival during the tough times of the coronavirus, British Asia news catch up with a duo, Kaykay Chauhan a pianist and Anj Chauhan a vocalist singer both from London.

As singers they love to entertain and you entertain to take people away, lift them into another world, a happy world. We call this duo singing from their home like many others #communityheroes, as they take to FB and live stream piano and singing episodes to keep up the spirits of the nation and uplift people in self isolation. With 3.7k people tuned in, 100’s of messages flying in from listeners the duo sang requests and entertained from their home. They sang both bollywood and english songs lifting people moods.

British Asia News speaks to Anj and Kaykay and they say “Escapism is our theme. To take people’s minds off of their troubles and anxiety. To take their hearts and minds on a tranquil journey through music and song whilst all being on lockdown. To rekindle past memories through the performance and escape into a different past world of joy and happiness”.

They shared a few of many messages they have received after their live performances:

– What a great way to contribute your talent in helping people passing through the current crisis…God bless you

– Hey, I hope you and Anj are well…just wanted to say really enjoyed your session today. At a time where the world is in strife…I find music always helps…for me to have something positive to focus on. I’m always listening to music after work each day and really loved ‘Teri Umeed’ today.

– Hi there – that was an amazing Facebook live this afternoon thank you so much for uplifting all our spirits at this difficult time ??
Thanks for playing my request, in fact you played many of my favourites, I even got my Sax out and was jamming along! Looking forward to the next one stay safe both of you ??

-Hi both
Just wanted to say thank you for your absolutely brilliant sessions during this difficult time
You are so talented both of you and very kind and generous to be doing these performances
Pray that you both stay well and safe and all your family too

-Don’t want to be called out and neither ask for a specific tune – just that your music and singing is excellent and stay well.

When we look at #communityheroes they come in all forms and the real testament is in the feedback above…Anj says “We are both overwhelmed by the heartfelt messages we are receiving daily. It certainly serves to keep our cheer on the high”.

She adds “When all we are doing is simply using the skills that God has provided us with to try and help people through this time. We as humanity all have a role in leading the world back to good health and I hope that we r making a small difference if any in people we connect with through music”.

Listen to a clip of their live FB feed


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