Friday, 23rd July 2021

#CommunityHeroes : Shree Swaminarayan Mandir donate 18 tons of fruit and veg to the community daily

British Asia News By Sushma Lobo


London April 03 ((SL/BAN) Shree Swaminarayan Temple in Willesden is donating to the community 18 tons of fresh fruit and vegetables each day for charities to come and collect from their warehouse #Communityheroes. Their aim is simple, bring in fresh fruit and veg every day to their warehouse, charities come daily to collect as much fresh fruit and veg as they need to feed the homeless, feed the elderly and the vulnerable.

Avnish Vekeria a committee member of the Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Willesden talks to British Asia news and says that they are putting into practice the principle of their Lord Swaminarayan whose instructions were from 200 years ago, 1. Samaj Seva (serve the community) and 2. being human. Avnish says “This is very important today with the coronavirus crisis. We are in full force; we have a team of 90 volunteers who have been split into different teams and depots” Avnish continues to say “18 tons of fresh fruit and vegetables are coming in daily, this is the 3rd day in a row we have had delivery. Willesden mandir is here to help and serve the community as a whole”

The fresh fruit and veg was delivered in pallets to the warehouse, and ready for distribution to charities and the public. The fresh fruit and veg is given for free there is no charge. These are our #communityheroes supporting charities to make sure they can feed the homeless, elderly and vulnerable people. All charities and the public are welcome to pick up food from the warehouse and how much they like. These are the community heroes we Salute-thank you.

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Photo credit Suryakant Jadva

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