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London April 13(SL/BAN) As the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to create a challenge for us all, it is at times like this we are seeing our nation come together to support in every way possible. Whilst the NHS makes sure their primary aim is to ensure that all patients and staff remain safe, healthy and protected, other organisations and people from the communities have come on board to support in ways they can and feed the NHS staff to make sure frontline workers can continue their work and have a good meal to keep them going whilst at work saving lives.

British Asia News speaks to TAJ Foods Limited #communityheroes, just over two weeks ago they started making meals to feed the NHS. TAJ Foods became our #communityheroes providing free freshly cooked, warm, vegetarian meals to the front-line staff at NHS hospitals across London.

They are sending out meals to NHS Nightingale, Newham hospital, Royal London hospital, King George hospital, Queens hospital, Whipps Cross hospital and the Homerton hospital.

They are also supporting food to BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir with 2 tonnes of parathas and potato chips donated.

Anyone wanting to donate towards this good cause should click the JustGiving link below, donate and become part of a community hero, supporting our nation, supporting our NHS staff, frontline workers who are saving lives during the coronavirus pandemic.

TAJ Foods aim is to raise generous donations to support our frontline NHS angels who are saving lives everyday at the Nightingale hospital and various other hospitals around London. With the donations raised warm, fresh meals will be prepared and delivered to the NHS staff daily with each meal costing £3. They want your help to be able to support and feed the NHS staff who are risking their lives everyday to save our families. Please donate to them, it will be much appreciated by them and our nations NHS staff.

Photo Credit Taj Foods Ltd

Whilst talking to Geeta and Anil Solanki owners of TAJ Foods they said “During this sad time in the world the least humanity can do is help each other in any way they can. The NHS frontline staff are selfless, they have put their lives on the line to save the lives of others and the least we can do is support them in anyway we can. This grey time will pass. All donations raised, every single penny has been used for food preparations and delivery of freshly cooked, hot vegetarian meals for NHS front line staff at the named London NHS hospitals”.

“Prepared meals are going on daily basis and we will continue to do this until this global pandemic calms down and so we expect another 8 weeks. We want to thank all our delivery drivers also Balram Patel and Kirtish Patel the chefs of Satsanj caterers in Ilford who are cooking the food, a big thank you to them as they are part of this service and we would like to say a big thank you. We are very grateful to all our volunteers”.

Mr Solanki adds “TAJ Foods has been in the food business for 35 years and all items of food found in our extensive range of TAJ Foods category is provided as meals. We are raising the money to continue donating one tiffin bag per staff member. Each staff member has a full meal from our range”.

Their aim was to raise £5,000 and so far, having gone over this mark and raised over £8,000 only means they can now provide more and continue feeding the NHS until we overcome and win this global coronavirus crisis.

Support TAJ Foods our #communiytheores to feed the frontline NHS staff by clicking below and donating #FEEDTHENHS

Photo Credit Taj Foods Ltd

Whilst speaking to Mr & Mrs Solanki they expressed the essence of them supporting feeding meals to NHS frontline workers is because in the Hindu religion there is a tradition to feed the community when there is a bereavement in the family. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic in full force when there is a bereavement you are homebound due to the nature of this virus and so lock down and social distancing is paramount. To them feeding our NHS community is a way of fulfilling the Hindu traditions for the community and for all those who have lost someone to the virus. #communityheroes.

Photo Credit Taj Foods Ltd


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