Wednesday, 22nd September 2021

Controversial pardon to convicted killer was granted on the request of religious leaders: President

Colombo, Nov 11 (BAN/ AD): President has said that convicted killer was pardoned on requests from many religious leaders, former Supreme Court Judges and Civil Society and youth leaders.

MP Athuraliye Rathana Thera played major role in the Pardon to Royal Park murder convict 34-year old Don Shramantha Jude Anthony Jayamaha Shramantha Jayamaha.

Ven Rathana Thero had written to the President explaining the circumstances of murder that due to an argument over a love affair between the youth and the young girl murder took place.

Shramantha Jude Anthony Jayamaha, had good behaviour and undertook studies to successfully complete his external degree and now working for his PhD.

Ven Balangoda Buddhagosha Thero also stressed the importance of granting Presidential pardon to this youth, the PMD statement said.

During crime Shramantha Anthony Jude Jayamaha was a 19 year old youth and had good conduct during the last 15 years of prison life.

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