Wednesday, 22nd September 2021

Daya Ratnayake criticised Sri Lanka government

Sri Lanka Feb 25 (SL/BAN) Sri Lanka Ports Authority Chairman Daya Ratnayake who was a former Army Commander criticized the former government for failing to protect for the past 5 years the image of the Sri Lanka military in the international arena within which led to Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva and his family from being banned to enter the US.

Ratnayake also questioned the timing of the ban, just before the election and stressed that people were trying to create instability.

“The government is taking a very strong stand, face to face with the US government over this matter. That is what a responsible government must do. This is a result of the inefficiency of the past government. These are things we have to expect now. There is an election in this country. Some people do not want stability in this country,” Ratnayake told the Daily Mirror who reported it. 

He further added “I am happy that the government has taken such a strong stand in defending Shavendra Silva,” Ratnayake said. “In reality, the Sri Lankan military carried out the world’s most intense and best humanitarian operation in the last days of the war. We carried out the best strategies to end the war against terrorism which is being accepted by the world. Therefore allegations of the military being involved in war crimes are baseless and false,” he added.

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