Friday, 6th August 2021

Derana TV anchor faces backlash over justifying New Zealand massacre

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Colombo: The posts of , Derana TV anchor Chapa Chapabandara on Facebook and Twitter has caused him angry reactions, including calls on the owners of his network to fire him over his offensive remarks.

He tried to justify massacre of 49 people in NZ by saying that it was “retribution” for exporting “poison” tainted milk powder to Sri Lanka.

“Dangerous shooting in New Zealand! They must be thinking they can feed us poison and live in fun! Huh… CHAPA, March 15, 2019” said his post on Facebook.

He reposted it on Twitter too.

Within a short period of time, thousands commented on what many said was the “insensitive” post of the Derana TV anchor while a minority of Facebook users agreed with Chapabandara and cheered him on.

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