Thursday, 16th September 2021

Despite increase in export by 10.7 % tea production drops by 30 %

Colombo, Nov 23 (BAN/ AD): As per market report by Tea Exporters Association Tea Production for October 2019 has dropped by nearly 30 percent compared to last year. Despite the production drop the export volume increased by 10.7 percent.

For the month of October 2019 Tea Production totaled 20.8 million kilograms (kgs) compared to 29.7 million kgs produced in October 2018.

On a cumulative basis, Mediums and Low Growns have shown a growth, whilst High Growns have shown a decrease YOY. Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Tea Exports for the month of October 2019 totaled 25.8 million kgs showing a gain of 2.5 million kgs from 23.3 million kgs in October 2018. All main categories of exports.

Iraq has emerged as the No. 1 importer for the period under review followed by Turkey and Russia. Other noteworthy importers are Iran, Libya, China, Azerbaijan, Syria and UAE. Meanwhile, USA, India and Germany show a fairly significant growth in imports during the period under review when compared to the same period of the corresponding year.

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