Friday, 6th August 2021

Dhaka: Trains delay causes trouble for Eid homegoers

Dhaka, Aug 8 (BAN/ AD): Scores of people suffered today as home-bound people travelling to different regions of country were affected by many inter-district trains delay. Since Thursday morning people were seen suffering by rain, as well as delay in scheduled trains. Situation was same on Wednesday also. Railway authorities have also announced that trains, especially the ones that are northern region-bound, will be delayed. Almost no trains left the station on time on Thursday.

“On the second day of the Eid journey, a total of 55 trains, including three special ones, will leave the station for different destinations. We are doing our best to maintain the schedule. Only trains that arrived late are departing late, the rest of the trains have maintained the schedule.” Said Kamlapur station Manager Mohammad AminulHaq.

He also added “It is very distressing for commoners like us as we are traveling long distance with families. The authorities do not take any precautionary measures to prevent such delay and we have to pay the price for that.”

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