Friday, 24th September 2021

Dr Shafi, accused of terrorist link can no longer held under PTA: CID

Colombo, Jun 30(BAN/CD): Dr Mohammed Shafi Sahabdeen from Kurungela can no longer be held under the Prevention of Terrorism Act, as informed by the Criminal Investigation Department to the Defense Minister.

The CID informed courts regarding the progress made in investigations so far and said that they cannot take any action against Dr Shafi under the act. Dr Mohamed Shafi Shabdeen who was employed at the Kurunegala teaching hospital was arrested on May 25th, over three allegations.

The allegations included;

1. Obtaining money from a terrorist organization, and utilizing such funds to purchase assets and fulfil the objectives of the respective terrorist organization.

2. And to avoid the possibility of conflicts that may have arisen due to the tense situation that prevailed in the area.

3.And the possibility of Dr.Shafi going into hiding.

Under the prevention of terrorism act, steps were taken to detain Dr Shafi for a period of 90 days for interrogation purposes. The suspect was produced before the Kurunegala magistrate, along with a 210 page B report by the CID.

The report states that the assets and properties belonging to the relatives of the suspect were inspected, and any form of amassing wealth in an illegal manner was not identified.

Of the 615 complaints received in connection with Dr Shafi, 147 were complaints by mothers who charge that they could not conceive after C section surgeries were performed by the suspect. Subsequently, following media broadcasts, 468 complaints were received against the doctor. The basic investigation report includes statements by 44 doctors, 71 nurses, and 18 hospital employees.

The CID sought approval from courts, to perform the HSG medical tests on those who accuse the suspect of performing sterilization procedures on them.

However, the director of the Kurunegala General Hospital, Dr Sarath Weerabandara said that the HSG medical test may cause symptoms of cancer. He added that the test may result in death as well. He requested that he be included in the medical investigations team. The CID rejected his request.

Dr Shafi Shabdeen is further detained by the CID, and a progress report on the ongoing investigations is due to be produced to courts on the 11th of next month.

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