Tuesday, 11th May 2021

EC Chairman Deshapriya: Election Commission will decide when to call presidential elections

Colombo, Sep 14 (BAN/ AD): Mahinda Deshapriya Chairman of the Election Commission has said that Presidential Election dates will be decided by Election commission and not by the political parties.

Mahinda Deshapriya has said was addressing a media gathering and has said since 15th September is a Sunday, the earliest the election can be called is on 16th September.

Mahinda Deshapriya told “However, we kept saying that we will not announce on the earliest day. The Commission will discuss on a suitable date and announce the elections. That could be any date from 16th September to 15th October. Only the Election Commission has the power to decide the date.”

He said the call for nominations will be announced any day after the 16th of October. “If we think we can decide earlier, we will announce by the end of this month,? said Election Commission Chairman Mahinda Deshapriya. According to the Election Commission Chairman presidential elections are due to be held between the 9th of November and the 9th of December this year.



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