Sunday, 19th September 2021

EC rejects over 58,000 postal vote applications out of 717,918

Colombo, Oct 17 (BAN/ AD): Out of 717,918 applications received from public servants for postal voting the Election Commission has rejected 58,404. Accordingly, 659,514 public servants are eligible to cast their postal votes for the presidential poll.

The EC said 58,404 applicants can cast their vote as usual on the Election Day. Postal voting is scheduled between October 31 and November 01. Public sector employees including those involved in election duties, officers engaged in essential services, police and military personnel are entitled for postal voting.

On November 07 Postal voters who are unable to cast their votes on those days can do so at District Secretariat offices. On October 25th the official ballot papers for the presidential election will be handed over to the Postal Service.

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