London 07 October – Navratri started on Sunday 29th September 2019 in the Grand Marquee at SKLPC Centre In Northolt, London. On Saturday 5th October British Asia news visited Europe’s largest Navratri gathering and witnessed what could only be described as a colourful electrifying festival of traditional folk dance.

Being one of the most awaited Indian festivals celebrating 9 days of ‘Rass-Garba’ the popular folk dances from Western India, celebrated around the world. Although it is celebrated all-over the UK too, crowds flocked to SKLP community Navratri 2019. It is Europe’s largest Navratri gathering, watch the videos and pictures below and you will see why. SKLPC is definitely a festival venue to visit during Navratri and should be on everyone’s bucket list to at least experience this once in your life if not every year. We saw people from around the world that came to play ‘rass-garba’. All ages from very young children to the elderly attended, enjoying the evening dressed in beautiful colourful traditional outfits with family and friends. Distinguished guest visited the evening on Saturday 5th and took part in the celebrations; with over 4000 guest, 100’s of SKLPC volunteers and stewards made the festival a safe and enjoyable experience.

Councillors from around Harrow, Wembley and Ealing attended, Bob Blackburn MP from Harrow East and guest from the Indian Embassy took part in the auspicious Aarti. Watch videos below from Europe’s largest Navaratri and see how it is celebrated in London.


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