Friday, 16th April 2021

Finance Ministry clarifies that no liquor licences were issued to current MPs

Colombo, Sep 05 (BAN/ AD): Finance ministry on Thursday clarified that no current parliamentarians have been issued with liquor licences although liquor licences were issued to owners of hotels. The ministry said liquor licences were issued to the owners of hotels approved by the Tourist Board after 2015 with the intention of developing the tourism industry.

In total there are 4,910 licensed liquor shops and 1,100 of them are retailers, 1567 hoteliers and 554 restaurateurs. New licenses for 368 wine and beer outlets were issued by Excise department as well as 200 toddy taverns.

Finance Ministry has said “Any person who wants to obtain a liquor license, he or she could obtain such a license by following the terms and conditions imposed by the Excise Department.”

As per law any person applying for a liquor license should not be found guilty of any offence in last 5 years and should be a taxpayer as well. Also other rules include the liquor outlet should be opened outside the specified distance that is to places of religious worship and schools.

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