Friday, 6th August 2021

Fisheries Minister: Insurance compulsory for vessels engaged in fishing

Colombo, July 01 (BAN/ AD): Dilip Wedaarachchi Fisheries minister said Insurance is compulsory for engaging in fishing activities. He also said necessary measures are being taken so that all vessels are insured, Uninsured vessels will not be allowed for fishing. The Minister said he has instructed Fisheries Department to restrict license to any fishing vessel without such insurance cover.

The Minister made this observation at a discussion held with the fishermen at the Gurupokuna Fisheries Society Community Center in Ambalantota recently. At the meeting, the fishermen pointed out that serious problems have arisen in obtaining insurance compensation for the damaged fishing vessels.

During the meeting fisher community told Minister that due to no insurance they face lot of problems in event of accidents. The fishermen pointed out that there is no insurance coverage for boats that are partially damaged by accidents on land as well as in sea.

Taking this into consideration Minister has instructed Fisheries department to take necessary steps to extend cover for partial damages, in addition to the total damages. During the discussion Fisheries Department Director Nihal Palitha, Assistant Fisheries Director, Hambantota Managing Officers, Fisheries Harbor Corporation Operations Director General, Fisheries Harbor Project and Fisheries Society officials were present.

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