Friday, 16th April 2021

Five-tier security measures ahead of Eid in Dhaka

Dhaka, Aug 10 (BAN/ AD): Dhaka has been provided with 5 tier security arrangements. The National Eidgah is completely ready for the Eid prayers. Asaduzzaman Mia Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner has confirmed high level security arrangements.

The commissioner said that the entire area will be covered by CCTV cameras. Besides, there will be police, Detective Branch police, SWAT, CTTC, Bomb Disposal Unit as well as watch-towers and archway systems. Similar measures will be applicable in other venues where Eid jamaat (congregation) will be held in the capital.

Police has asked people not to carry any inflammable substances, knife or matches. People will only be allowed to carry prayer mats and umbrellas. Everyone will have to undergo a thorough check.

Police have placed barricades in some areas, including Abdul Gani Road, Doyle Chattar and Motso Bhavon. Devotees will have to walk to go to Eidgah as no vehicle will be allowed to go pass the barricade until and unless you are a VVIP.

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