Friday, 6th August 2021

Former PM Ranil urges party youth to concentrate on general election

Colombo, Dec 10 (BAN/ AD): On Tuesday former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe called on youth not to be discouraged by presidential election and stay focused on the general election.

Ranil was speaking to the National Youth Front Executive Committee and the main activists of the Jathika Sevaka Sangamaya at the party headquarters Sirikotha on Tuesday. He said the defeat of the presidential election is a setback and party should not be weakened by the result.

He told “There is no need to collapse because the presidential election was a setback. Our front and all other parties must work together to target at least 113 MPs in the next parliament. If we conduct our campaign properly, we can get more than 113 MPs.”

He added “Several surveys showed that we were behind. In analyzing the surveys, we see that we have not received the votes of the Sinhala Buddhist, the middle class, and the youth. Your responsibility is to work to get the youth votes, especially a majority. The party needs to start organizing grassroots activities.”

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