Thursday, 16th September 2021

Freehold ownership of land to all citizens, PM pledges

Colombo, July 8 (BAN/ AD): PM has said that his government is committed to give freehold ownership of land to all citizens despite obstacles.

PM was addressing gathering in Ampara District on Sunday (07) where he distributed freehold deeds to over 1,500 people. PM said his government has taken various steps including the amendment of the Land Act, to ensure the rights of all Sri Lankans to own a plot of land.

PM also pledged to provide one million land deeds across Sri Lanka. He said “You can obtain a freehold land through these deeds we offer today. You only need to use a government land continuously for 10 years to own it. It took us more than two years to draft the bill and get it approved to give this huge concession to people. But we have finally succeeded.” He further added “Two organizations are now trying to sue to stop this. We are taking measures to give the land rights enjoyed by the millionaires and billionaires in the country to the ordinary people. No one can stop or delay it.”

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