Thursday, 24th June 2021

Global Hunger Index: Bangladesh ranks 88th

Dhaka, Oct 16 (BAN/ AD): As per 2019 Global Hunger index (GHI) Bangladesh has ranked 88th even though there is reduction in hunger rate, the severity still remains serious. There has been significant reduction in hunger but the severity of hunger still remains serious.

Bangladesh has score of 25.8, and ranked 88th in global index. Previous score was 30.3 and there are 117 countries in the ranking. It remains ahead of neighbouring India, which scored 30.3 as per report.

Among the South Asian countries, Sri Lanka ranked the highest at 66th, with a score of 17.1, while Afghanistan ranked lowest scoring 33.8. Bhutan and Maldives were not included, due to a lack of data.

A high GHI score can be evidence of a lack of food, a poor-quality diet, inadequate child care-giving practices, an unhealthy environment, or all of these factors.

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