Monday, 17th May 2021

Goa turning into coal hub for Modi’s crony capitalist friend: Gandhi

Panaji, March 8 (IANS): After destroying the tourism industry with demonetization and the Goods and Services Tax, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to help a ‘crony capitalist’ friend to make Goa into a coal hub, Congress President Rahul Gandhi said on Friday.

Addressing a meeting of Congress party’s booth committee workers at an indoor stadium near the state capital, Gandhi also said that his party would form a government in Goa as well as other states soon.

“First, this was a tourism centre, now Narendra Modi has started making Goa a coal centre for his crony capitalist friend,” Gandhi said.

The opposition leader’s comment comes at a time when residents of the port town of Vasco in South Goa have been protesting against increasing coal pollution in the vicinity, caused by coal handling in berths handled by companies promoted by Adani ports and JSW steel.

Gandhi also said that decisions like poorly planned and implemented decisions like demonetization and GST had badly affected the coastal state’s tourism industry, which is one of the key sectors responsible for Goa’s economy.

“Goa was a tourism centre. Their government came, Narendra Modi ordered demonetization, ‘Gabbar Singh Tax’ and Goa’s tourism has disappeared too. Wherever you see, whether it is the Rafale file, Goa government, tourism, employment, future of farmers, everything has gone missing,” Gandhi said.

The Congress President also said that the Congress would work towards resuming the state’s mining industry — which has been banned by the Supreme Court for over a year — with a sustainability roadmap.

“They (NDA) have destroyed the economy. In Goa, you have mining issue. Lakhs of people are affected. And we have taken a decision in Goa that the Congress will start sustainable mining,” Gandhi said.

The Gandhi scion also said that the Congress would bounce back to form a government in Goa.

“Congress will form a government in Goa. You do not forget that. In Goa and in several other states, where BJP has stolen governments from the people by using money power. Goan people and youth should not forget this,” Gandhi said.


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