Thursday, 23rd September 2021

Govt orders hospitals and clinics Tk 500 max for dengue diagnosis

Dhaka, Jul 31 (BAN/CD): With the increase in dengue cases over the last month, public hospitals are finding it more and more difficult to accommodate patients as there is no space even on the floors and corridors, the Daily Star reported.

Due to this, patients are turning to private hospitals even though they charge exorbitant amounts for diagnosis and treatment.

Given the situation, the government yesterday fixed the rate for tests, which are required prior and during the treatment of dengue patients, at the private hospitals across the country in an attempt to ease the cost of dengue treatment.

The maximum fee for NS1 Antigen test, which is conducted to diag-nose dengue within three days of fever, was set at maximum Tk 500.

Two other tests — IgG and IgM — that are conducted to diagnose dengue at a later stage should not cost more than Tk 500.

The cost of complete blood count (CBC) test was fixed at maximum Tk 400.

Prof Abul Kalam Azad, director general of Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), came up with the rates while addressing a press conference on overall dengue situation at his office in Dhaka yesterday.

Earlier, there had been allegations that private hospitals and diagnostic centres had been charging Tk 1,200 – Tk 2,000 for the NS1 test, Tk 800 – Tk 1,600 for IgM/IgE tests, and Tk 1,000 for CBC test, he added.

All these tests are, however, free of cost at the public hospitals.

There were 1,820 dengue cases reported in June, but the figure rose to 9,510 until yesterday.

Prof Abul Kalam Azad, director general of DGHS at the press conference said that their ability to deal with the dengue crisis is limited but their main target is to save people’s lives and provide them with treatment.

To ensure that hospitals are treating patients as per the national guidelines issued to treat dengue patients, 10 monitoring teams will start working in the capital today, the DGHS DG added.

They will visit private hospitals and diagnostic centres to see if instructions given by the DGHS are followed and to collect information about dengue patients, he added.

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