Friday, 24th September 2021

Health ministry assures no restrictions required for foreign travel due to new virus from China

Colombo, Jan 20 (BAN/ AD): Ministry of Health has issued a statement that no restrictions are required Sri Lankans to travel abroad in wake of the new viral disease reported from China.

The Ministry of Health and Indigenous Medicine, Women and Child Affairs and Social Security said World Health Organization (WHO) has not suggested any restrictions on foreign trips due to the new coronavirus reported from Wuhan, China.

Ministry has clarified that Lankans need not worry about travelling abroad. It also said that it is closely monitoring the situation and has taken the necessary steps to inform the Health Unit at Bandaranaike International Airport of any precautions.

The Ministry said children, pregnant mothers and elders should pay more attention about the disease. As per current reports China’s Wuhan city has confirmed 45 cases of the 2019 novel coronavirus. Two people have died, Wuhan authorities say.

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