Tuesday, 21st September 2021

Hot weather guidelines for school children’s safety in SL

Sri-Lanka Feb 12 (SL /ban) The Education ministry yesterday advised school administrations not to allow students to be out in the what other be involved in any physical outsmdoor activities during peak heat times in the day 11.00am -3.00pm.
Schools have been asked to take precautionary measures due to the prevailing hot weather situation.
Recommendations in this regard had been issued to the Education Ministry by the Ministry of Indigenous Medicine and Family Health Bureau.
The children are in a high-risk group for heat related issues such as stress, muscle cramps, heatstroke and lung disease due to high temperature.
The Ministry said “Provide children with water frequently, do not give very sweet drinks (High concentration of sugar), wear hats or umbrella when outside, reduce unnecessary outdoor travels, wear lighter-coloured clothing and apply water on face and hands during the hot weather,” the Ministry said in a media release.
The Ministry has also cautioned against excessive sweating and exercise in the open areas.”
The Ministry also demanded schools to provide sufficient drinking water and advised children to bring a paper made fan.
It had advised schools to have first-aid and medical teams for emergencies arising from hot weather.
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